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問 :
  Suppose one has watched this film, what will happen to him/her? what does it mean to him/her? Will he/she have higher probability of committing crime? will the negative impact of the film people specific? If so, should one evaluate the possible impact before watching the film? Will it be a matter of "freedom of choice" again and the film is just standing on a neutral position? I think it is not a simple right or wrong question but rather it is a personal point of view on holiness and personal conduct. Watching such kinds of film or not is a personal preference, will it be so?

  Dear brother,

  Thanks for your question & comments, we appreciate that.

  Indeed it is true that a we have lot of freedom in Christ, that's what we are set free from sin is all about. It is also true that the Bible needs to be our criteria.

  However, many of the things culture are unknown of Biblical time, so we have to study the Bible well and principalize (generalize from the Biblical data). Because of that, in a sense we do not seem to have a definite answer, but we have to observe the spirit of the God.

  Therefore, according to my understanding of the Scripture, in decent or lustful or sick & perverted sexuality are highly inappropriate or even sinful. Take Eph 5:3-5 as an example. (There are many other texts) ...... It seems to me 晚孃 would not be healthy enough to be watched.

  You may say that anything I say is my personal opinion, that's true. I certain have no control what so ever of who goes to watch it and I don't intend to. I agree wholeheartedly that it is a matter of personal choice, but we need to be careful that it does not become an excuse to satisfy our lustful flesh.


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